Our History

Sun Display Systems has been manufacturing human–machine interface products (HMI) since 1941. During 70 plus years of company history, SDS has produced thousands of display devices for a wide variety of industries. From television and radio dials in the 1940’s, to panel and annunciator systems for aerospace, computer, medical, and transportation systems. SDS has been a leader in the evolution of human-machine interface products for quite some time.

Today, Sun Display Systems continues to be a leader in innovative solutions for the demanding requirements of HMI products in avionics, maritime and ground based vehicles. With a state of the art modern facility designed to maximize the efficiency of the engineering and manufacturing process. SDS is committed to servicing our customer’s needs in today’s environment of the ever increasing challenge to surpass the demands for a quality product in combination with economic and scheduling goals.

Sun Display Systems is committed to forge close partnerships with our customers and perform to the demands of a highly competitive marketplace, providing quality products on time and on price. SDS is a versatile, flexible and highly experienced company with the capability and capacity to respond to our customer’s needs in a highly competitive and timely manner.